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A Vulcan quick Reaction Alert special

If you’ve got Monday blues like I have, you know what to do…. 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇😂😯😜

The underbelly of a beautiful beast…

This has to be the ultimate shiny object…want one!

Photog unknown

Weep away…god knows I am!

A marvelous RAF photo by Paul Fitzpatrick of Vulcan XH558 in formation with RAF Red Arrows at RAF Fairford July 2015 #RAF #Vulcan

Lest we forget

Where she belongs….

Vulcan XH558 climbing high above Airbourne: Eastbourne International Airshow in 2016 😍😍

Credit: mika_app on Instagram

ooooof…eco they were not.
Bloody beautiful they certainly were!

Who’s with me??

Vulcan XH558 casting her own shadow at the base of the cliffs near Eastbourne in 2015.© Steve Comber

Great image from the Vulcan To the Sky Trust e-newsletter, reminding us that it’s been 3 years since XH558’s Final Season Farewell Tour. Sad but glad it all happened!