3 Links I Love: Filling the Void, Boeing in a …

3 Links I Love: Filling the Void, Boeing in a Pickle, Slots:

This week’s featured link:

Lufthansa to start flying to Ljubljana after Adria Airways’ collapseReuters
Question: Oh no, what will happen if our national airline fails?! Answer: A better airline will move in and serve the markets that have demand.

Image of the Week: Happy 100th birthday, KLM. The airline put together a little video to tug on those heart strings, and it works quite nicely. How am I celebrating? Well, I’ve booked my first flight on KLM.

Two for the road:

Boeing’s 737 in another pickle, Part 2Leeham News and Analysis
Boeing just can’t catch a break. Now a critical part on existing 737s is cracking even though it never should have been. A fix is on the way and some airplanes have been grounded. Here’s a detailed post about what’s going on.

Heathrow slots: the insiders guideRuby
Have you ever wanted to know more about slots at Heathrow? Well, too bad. Now you’re going to learn anyway. This is Virgin Atlantic’s blog, and they trot out their expert to give details on how it all works.

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