Join Me As I Fly Around the Hawaiian Islands T…

Join Me As I Fly Around the Hawaiian Islands Today with Hawaiian Airlines:

Remember when I took those 8 flights touching 9 airports all within California? Today, two days shy of the three year anniversary of that adventure, I’m doing it again. You can follow along on Twitter with the #HawaiianFlyin hashtag.

Ok, I’m not REALLY doing it again. Instead I’m taking the concept to another state — one of the only other states where it’s possible to fly a bunch of flights without touching the same airport twice. Since I’m spending a month in Hawai’i, I brainstormed with the Hawaiian Airlines folks to see what we could do for one fun day.

Disclaimer: Hawaiian provided today’s flights for me

After studying the schedules, I proposed the idea of spending the day flying to every 717 station without touching the same airport twice (until the end when I had to get back to Honolulu). They agreed, and so today is the day that I get to experience a whole lot of Douglas metal. Here’s the plan:

This one is very different from when I did the California run. It involves fewer, shorter flights, but I’ve built in longer layovers along the way so that I could learn something unique by meeting with people at each station. This is as much about what happens on the ground as what happens in the air.

If you’d like to follow along, I’ll be tweeting as I go from @crankyflier using the hashtag #HawaiianFlyin. I’m not messing around with livestreams or updating this post before and after each flight. I want to focus on learning at each stop along the way. I will, of course, write this up in much greater detail down the line.

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